The meaning of plasma in medicine is quite ordinary, plasma in physics isn’t at all the same, although mistakenly it acquired the exact name. In blood plasma is a liquid, similar to water, in physics plasma is a gas and the fourth state of matter

Brief History of Plasma ;))

With Faraday’s electrical charges that came to pass,
A new glow appeared, different from those in solids, liquids or gas.
Sir William Crookes while observing his own studies,
Of the electrical charges found in these gas bodies,
Suggested this glow so different from the other
Should be known as the fourth state of matter.
This new state of matter could not be understood
Before the following developments and events occurred.
Thomson’s discovery of the electron and its nature,
Bohr’s and Rutherford’s completion of the atom’s structure.
Langmuir’s and Tonks’s continuation of Crookes’s experimentation
Of the gas discharge properties and the new creation.
The name plasma was Langmuir’s own initiation
To describe the electron and ion correlation.
Faraday’s work on solutions and those unanswered queries
Were summarized and brought to light by Debye’s new theories
Of ions in solutions, a theory so profound and outstanding
That enabled the continuance of the plasma understanding.
Plasma motions as a fluid in a magnetic field was Alfven’s addition
And he was awarded the first Nobel Prize in plasma for this contribution. The famous Russian physicist Landau and his sophisticated construction Of his theory of the electron and the plasma interaction
Paved the way for the modern plasma observations,
Through his valuable achievements and revelations….



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