Nuclear fission can create an explosion
That can bring about chaos and erosion.
Using uranium, so hazardous, for its construction,
The atomic bomb was created for destruction.

Nuclear fusion can be made to explode
Together with the atomic bomb caused much more to erode.
Using deuterium found in oceans all about,
The hydrogen bomb is much more harmful, no doubt.
For today’s civilization and peaceful means, however,
Fission and fusion are meant for something better.
To solve the problem of the energy situation,
For the present and future generations.


Thus nuclear fission reactors were constructed on condition
That the energy release would be under controlled supervision.
But working with uranium is ‘dirty’, or so the media has made
As it emits radiation, it’s become a psychological dread.
And so nuclear fusion, the scientists today believe,
Could be the answer to mankind’s relief.
Using deuterium so ‘clean’ and found with ease,
Can provide an abundance of energy release.


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