The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits ;))

A man, a genius, an intellect, a philosopher and a physicist,
Celebrated as one of the world’s greatest scientists.
His logic and clarity and creative imagination
Proved to all around him a great inspiration.
He was forced to attend a secondary school before he could enter,
To study at the famous Swiss Polytechnique Center.
He earned money through teaching and doing computations
And became the Swiss patent
examiner upon a friend’s recommendations.
It was during this time that Einstein was most active,
His numerous hours of research proved most productive.
In 1905 he produced three papers that revolutionized man’s imagination
Of the physical universe, laying down the basis
for the atomic age foundation.
His emission of electrons from metal surfaces
exposed to light explanation
Theoretically was one aspect of the quantum theory inauguration.
In another he analyzed the Brownian movement theory mathematically
Providing a method for determining the dimensions
of molecules accurately.
The third, describing the relativistic nature of uniform motion,
And the interdependence of space and time, then caused a commotion.
The equivalence of mass and energy, his famous resolution,
 was dramatically demonstrated in the atomic explosion.
In 1915 he published his General Theory of Relativity,
In which he developed the geometry concept of gravity.
Einstein here achieved the unification
Of space, time, mass, energy, inertia and gravitation.
Einstein loved music and played his violin with zest,
He loved Beethoven, Bach but Mozart the best.
He believed in a world of harmony and simplicity,
He was full of benevolence, humor and integrity.
Though a confirmed pacifist and peace was his object,
He was responsible for initiating the atomic bomb project.
Fearing the Nazis would achieve world domination,
He urged President Roosevelt to pursue nuclear research investigation.
Albert Einstein is so well known,
We learn his name before we are fully grown.
As a scientist considered to be one of the best
His legacy left to man is a very rich bequest….



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