Each star is a mirror reflecting the truth inside you……

All the stars that we observe in the sky
Are first born, then develop and finally die.
Their birth is formed from the gas, the plasma and the grains,
Stemming from the residues of the Big Bang remains.
Forming a massive cloud with strong gravitational domination,
Causing the matter to condense and a temperature escalation,
Thus providing the ideal situation
For thermonuclear reaction continuation.
The continuous burning of the nuclear fuel for a length of time
Results in the radiation of the stars and their bright shine.
The nuclear burning is the time of their development
When the hydrogen is changed to the helium element.
The death of the star can usually depend
On its mass and whether it is alone or has a friend.
The star can collapse and take up a new role,
Either as a white dwarf, a neutron star or as a black hole….

black hole




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